what we do 

Breathe Easy Remedies is a natural wellness brand that creates simple, high frequency, plant-based products. We are inspired by the power of everyday rituals and how they can have such a positive impact on our physical, mental & even emotional well-being.

Our focus is on creating potent formulas that are good for you and sustainable for the planet. We believe in formulating products that elevate your daily rituals, lift your mood & make you feel good. 

When you feel good, you vibrate at a higher frequency, your energy shifts, you become more magnetic and you are just a better version of yourself all around. This motivates us and inspires what we do. 

All our products are hand made in micro batches to ensure quality & freshness. All ingredients are mindfully sourced and our goal is for all our products to be 100% organic. 

We have a deep love & respect for our planet and part of our mission is to protect and give back to it. All our products are cruelty-free and all our packaging is recyclable & mindfully sourced. 

We are deeply connected to all the products we make. We believe in the power of doing things intentionally. We live for the poetry of infusing love & passion into everything we do. And we hope that you feel this when you use our products.